Do You Have the Courage?

20 of 45 Moments of Wonder

Do you have the courage to be who you believe you are meant to be? We have been looking at some quotes about finding our gifts and doing the work. But when we have done that, do we have the courage to find success and to own what we have accomplished and who we have become?

Because success does change us. We are different when we have worked hard, travelled rocky and rough roads, done work no one else was willing to do. We are changed. For good. And it is a good thing.

But are we prepared for what that looks like? Are we prepared to meet the disapproval of others? Are we ready for the approval? When we have always been a pawn believing we are a queen, what do people say when we have worked and trekked and fought and fallen may times but stood back up again and become…a…freakin’…queen? Sometimes, they want us to go back to being a pawn. It’s more comfortable for them. Sometimes our success makes others uncomfortable rather than proud or happy for us. Sometimes our hard work is just our hard work, but some will interpret it as pressure for them to do the same work. No. This is our own work and every person needs to find their own.

Sometimes we start on one path and change to another. But the people we meet along the first path don’t want us to leave. That is ok. We can visit. But our path must always be our own.

So to you, working hard, doing the things, finding your gifts and nurturing them, stay the course. Your success will come when you have the courage and the determination and the will to be who you believe you are meant to be. Not before. Not when the ones you know and love believe in you and not when they don’t.

You got this. I see you.

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