What I am Learning – And Making a Change

21 of 45 Moments of Wisdom

I love this blog. I love connecting with people and sharing what I am learning with each of you. I love hearing how the words I share are touching you and moving in you a desire to try something new in your life.

And I am going to change it.

Since the beginning of 45 Days of Courage I have posted every day on the blog and on various social media platforms, including a few tries with Facebook Live. Beyond the writing and editing, I also create the graphics, and record the audio. In the past month I added a book to the mix and have been trying to promote it. And I am facing surgery this week which will require some healing time.

So when I return from my recovery, I will still be posting something each day, but not on the blog. I will be creating a deeper, more insightful blog post once each week and then will focus on the theme of that post with social media posts, quotes, challenges and maybe a few more live videos. My vision for this platform is to reach people and to help them expand their vision, their courage and to reach for moments of wonder. But in the process, I don’t want to lose my own growth and learning and living what I write about.

I am learning. And learning means I am gaining knowledge. I love Helen Keller’s quote, “Knowledge is love and light and vision.” I know my vision. And I know that the new format is going to allow me to dive deeper into each of the insights I explore.

Thank you for following me on this daily journey of courage and wonder. I hope you will continue to follow me as I change or adjust my path to get there.

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