Embracing the Beauty: A Shift in Perspective

I am sitting here this evening looking at a little rose I cut from my garden the other day. It has opened up and is looking beautiful. However, when I cut that rose (which was growing in a direction that I didn't want it to grow), I pricked my finger on one of the thorns.... Continue Reading →

Embracing Our Greatness: Unveiling the Strengths Hidden in Our Perceived Weaknesses

Life has a funny way of challenging us with situations that force us to confront what we perceive as our weaknesses. I have always struggled with feeling "not enough" or focussing too much on my flaws. It is easy to see the parts of ourselves that are labeled by society as weak as weaknesses and... Continue Reading →

There is Power in Tension

There are times in each cycle of the year that I find myself feeling particularly stressed and anxious. While the weather is changing in a very positive way (I struggle with cold and cloudy winters), I enjoy getting outside, grounding myself in the earth and watching nature wake up. As many people are looking forward... Continue Reading →

A Letter to my Inner Critic

Dear Inner Critic, Wow, you sure showed up today in all your loudness and strength. You clearly do not like others witnessing my weaknesses, insecurities and raw emotions. But you know what? It is okay. Sometimes it’s not unsafe to show up in the truth, even if it might paint me in a less-than-perfect light. Because I... Continue Reading →

Life’s Resilience: Finding Hope in the Unlikeliest Places

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to overlook the small miracles that surround us. Sometimes, the most profound lessons come from unexpected sources, like the forgotten tulip plant I finally noticed on my dusty office bookshelf today. Today, let me share with you a story of resilience, hope, and the... Continue Reading →

Trust Your Intuition…But How?

Over the past year or so, I have been learning to trust myself more. All my life I have been an over-thinker. I tend to trust my thoughts more than my instinct, and while in some situations that makes perfect sense, and has served me well, in many situations, overthinking leads to anxiety and indecision.... Continue Reading →

Come Back to the Mat

There's something special about returning to an activity after a long break. Especially when that activity has brought a sense of joy and peace, calm and focus. In many ways, the pandemic took us away from the people, the activities, the experiences that made us feel alive. And while the world has opened up again... Continue Reading →

Communication is a Super Power

This week I have been thinking a lot about communication - when I am really good at it, when I am very ineffective and the effects of not communicating clearly. This week I had an experience I have had many times. A parent came into my office upset over what they perceived to be me... Continue Reading →

People First: The Only Way I Know

Have you ever gone through a time in your life, a season if you will, where you really have to ask yourself what kind of leader, what kind of partner or parent or friend you truly are? There are times when I question whether I am an effective enough leader, a caring enough friend, a... Continue Reading →

A Week of Simple Joys: Self Care Sunday (a mini post)

Happy Sunday! What a great week this has been. It's March Break here and I have intentionally stepped away from anything work-related, choosing to focus on my family and my home and growing food at home (more on that later). What this week has done for me is reminded me to prioritize the people and... Continue Reading →

Disconnect to Reconnect: Self-Care Sunday

It's here. March Break. To my teaching and school leader friends, congratulations! You have a full week off! How are you spending it? Are you traveling? Staying home? However you are spending this time, I hope you take time to rest and to recharge. We all need a break sometimes. And as the pace of... Continue Reading →

The Art of Juggling: How to Balance Work and Play Without Dropping the Ball

Hey there, friends! Are you feeling burnt out and like you're always on the go, but never getting anything done? No? Just me? I love my work. It gives me a sense of purpose and fulfilment. But sometimes, particularly when I am not finding balance, I feel overwhelmed and begin to focus on the aspects... Continue Reading →

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