What Are You Willing to Do?

19 of 45 Moments of Wonder

Have you ever wanted to be different from other people? Like, have you ever wanted to do things that the ordinary person might not do. Run a marathon? Have a successful business? Have a better relationship? Maybe climb a mountain? Whatever your mountain is, I have good news and I have bad news.

The good news is that you can do it. You have it within you to do whatever big and audacious thing you want to do.

The bad news is that you can’t get to the top of the mountain from the top of the mountain. The only way is through the difficult climb to the top. And the climb is not an easy stroll. It is a rough road.

I heard a podcaster recently (and as soon as I figure out which of the many I listen to this came from, I will link to it) who said something along the lines of, if you want to do things or be something different that other people, you have to work differently than other people. I don’t play basketball more than a couple times a year – and that is usually with my kid in the driveway. I also don’t dream of being a pro ball player. If I did, I would need to play basketball every single day.

If I want to run a marathon, I need to get up and strap on my shoes every day to train for it. It may suck, but the reward comes at the end of the race.

If I want my relationship with my favourite human to be stronger, I need to put in the time to learn about her, to support her, to spend quality time with her learning about who she has become over the past twenty years. Our dreams need to be shared so we can support one another in making those dreams a reality.

If I want to have this blog be successful, I need to get up every morning and write. Even on the days when I just don’t feel like it. There have been a few.

Sometimes in our pursuit of the mountain or the degree or the marathon or the relationship, however, we recognize that the road we are enduring is not actually ours to take. At any time we can veer off onto a new road. The new road will be just as rough, but the obstacles will be different. But when we find the right road, we know that the difficult journey is worth it. Trust your gut. Trust that you are either on the right road now or the one you are on is taking you to the one you are meant to walk.

The point is this. What are you willing to do that other people are not, in order to reach the heights of greatness, whatever that looks like for you? Success for one is not the same as it is for another. What is the same is the promise that to reach those heights requires us to walk a rough road. But the view from the top of the mountain or the finish line will be so worth it.

What mountain are you climbing?

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