Intentionally Simplifying the Rest of 2022

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of nonessentials. -Lin Yutang

Did you know there are 45 days left in 2022? It’s true. So for the next 45 days, I have decided to be very intentional about simplifying my life. My life has become very chaotic and complex. Between my job, my growing kids, a recent move and a strained relationship, I have felt a lot of stress and overwhelm for far too long. And I really want to prioritize peace and calm, quality over quantity, and simple moments of joy.

Lots of people decide to make these kinds of changes in a new year. I could do that too, but why not set the stage for 2023 by making small changes now so 2023 can feel the way I want it to, right from the start.

Intentional Simplification is about deciding what is most important, evaluating how I use my time, simplifying tasks and stuff and being present every day whether at work or with family or even while making a meal.

I have no idea if my little experiment will change anything in my life, but I am going to share my thoughts over the next 45 days as I consider different ways of simplifying my life.

Today, I am spending some time considering what is most important to me. There are many things that draw my attention and take my time. But which ones are most important to me?

  • family?
  • work?
  • relationships?
  • personal development?
  • writing?

Honestly, these are what I would say are the most important for me. But my actions might not reflect my list all the time. Some days, one might think mindlessly scrolling Instagram is most important. On another day, having the most organized closet might seem like the priority.

Of course these other activities are important and we all need some down time, but I need to ensure that my time and actions reflect these most important priorities most of the time. And, even in this list, there needs to be balance.

So, for today, I am going to take time to consider how I reflect these priorities in my life. How can I balance my time and energy to ensure I am living out the priorities I have identified?

I think this is what the next 45 days is about. Finding balance. Finding simplicity. Finding JOY!


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