You Are Enough

Last year, I wrote a 45 day series called 45 Days of Courage in which I shared what I believe courage looks like in my life. One of the posts I consistently go back to is a post about believing we are enough. We are constantly being told in direct and indirect ways, that who we are, right now, is not enough. That if we only had this car or that wrinkle cream we would feel as if we are enough. We see people posting on Instagram and Pinterest their perfect meals and we read about how they balance work and parenting and being the perfect partner and having a busy social life and we wonder why we are struggling. Maybe we aren’t enough?

So today I want to revisit the words from that previous post. Not because I don’t want to write something new. I am up before 5:00 on a Saturday morning and can’t sleep. I want to revisit these words because they are so important to me, to remind myself that no matter what I do or don’t do, no matter the good or bad choices I may make, that I am enough. I hope as you read them, or read them again, that you will remember that too.

It takes courage to believe you are enough.

That’s right. Just as you are, right now. Without changing anything.

You are enough.

Without being thinner or richer or more successful.

You are enough when you get frustrated with your kids or when you feed them pizza for the second time in a week.

You are enough when you can’t quit the bad habit you have been trying to overcome or when you can’t stop playing the angry phone call over and over in your head.

You are enough when you know you are enough. You are enough when you can not possibly believe you are enough.

You are enough on the easy days and on the days of struggle too. When you jump out of bed ready to face the day, and when you cry all the way to work, wishing you could just go home again because you are sure you are making the lives of those you serve much much worse.

Today you are enough. Yesterday, you were enough. Tomorrow you will be enough. There is nothing more you need to do or be to be enough.

Read all those words again.

Read them all, and find the courage to believe them.

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