The Space of Infinite Possibility

I have a great love for office supply stores, for beautiful stationary and most of all, for my day planner. I take a lot of time searching for a planner that meets all my needs, that will help me stay organized and that is just the right size.

Currently, my favourite planner is the Passion Planner. I love that it helps me organize my days and weeks, that there is a section each month to reflect on the previous and coming months, a to-do list, and quotes to keep me motivated. I love the tools for helping me set and reach goals. But most of all, I love the Space of Infinite Possibility at the bottom of each week’s page.

The Space of Infinite Possibility. How amazing is that? It’s a weekly reminder that anything can be. What would happen if at every obstacle, at every road block, at each turn and twist I could stop and recognize that moment as a moment of infinite possibility.

As the driver and navigator in the road trip of our lives, each of us has many choices to make each day, with turns and stops and detours and scenic routes taking us down new paths and roads. What an adventure!

Also, how incredibly frightening! I do not like uncertainty. I am not spontaneous. I like predictability. I like to know where I am going, what I need to bring and how long I will be there. Life doesn’t really work like that, though, does it? We are forced to make adjustments and changes each day. Life is unpredictable. The world is unpredictable. Relationships are unpredictable. And all that messy unpredictability is what makes life so valuable and beautiful.

So, I am going to attempt to reframe my belief about predictability and try to live in the space of infinite possibility. I am ready to embrace the turns and detours, to meet interesting and new people, to discover passions and talents I never knew I had. Life is short. If this year has taught me anything it is to appreciate the people, the time and the experiences we are privileged to have.

What does your Space of Infinite Possibility look like? What will you fill that space with this day or week or year? As I consider my own Space of Infinite Possibility, I ask myself:

What if I shift my focus to what is possible instead of the obstacles in my way?

What if I replaced “I can’t” with “I will”?

What if I trust myself and become my own biggest cheerleader ?

What if I reframe failure as an opportunity to learn and grow – an exciting detour on the road to becoming everything I am meant to be?

What if everything I have experienced until now has been preparing me to step into my greatness?

What if I am stronger and more powerful than I ever imagined?

What if?

Do you travel the Road of Predictability? How would your life be different if you lived in the Space of Infinite Possibility?

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