Sticking to My Lane

I’ve been struggling with whether or not to publish this post but I think it is important for you to know where I stand.

A few days ago I wrote a post that hit some people in such a way that they felt the need to strike back. I had some supportive comments and I also lost some readers that day, and that is okay. What was not okay was the private messages some sent me – “Stick to your lane. Talk about kindness and compassion. You have alienated your white readers”, “I read your blog because you are usually so positive…not any more”, “You are the problem. You and your liberal thinking are ruining our country.” There were a few others but I won’t mention them because they are just too upsetting. Some warned me to “watch my back”. Of course all of these were sent anonymously. And I do not fear for my safety. But I so think these comments call for a response.

So, to clear up any confusion, here is “my lane.”

I write about kindness and compassion. I write about making ourselves better humans. I write about courage and wonder and opening our hearts to grow and become more vulnerable. And I write about injustice and action. I will not be a bystander. I write these things because I myself am transforming and growing and trying to live as a better human to other humans.

I am growing as a parent and an educator to help raise a generation that will radically transform our world, solve problems we don’t even know we have and will eventually raise a generation that will surpass anything we could imagine. I write because I want to be better.

I do not write to judge others. I do not write to tell people how to live. I write to share how I am growing and to challenge those who are also taking steps to transform. I write because I have big, sometimes overwhelming emotions and I need to process them. I write to let you know you are not alone. Because I have felt alone.

And so, I will continue to write about my journey. Part of my journey has included taking a hard look at how I was raised in the society and time I grew up in, the deep seeded beliefs I have held that are harmful. Part of my journey is acknowledging that I don’t know what I don’t know and committing to listening, apologizing and doing better. Part of my journey is building bridges where I may have been part of growing a divide.

And yes, part of my journey will still be baking bread and having paint nights, trying things I have never done before and finding courage in my life. Part of my journey will be acknowledging that I struggle with my mental health and showing myself compassion in those times. I will continue to challenge you to care for yourself, to be kind and to bring that kindness with you wherever you go.

If these things are offensive to you, perhaps it is time to take a look at your core values. And if they don’t align with mine, that is okay. You are still welcome to read my rambling thoughts. Or you are welcome to skip them. I am not offended by that. But I will not “stay in my lane” when there is injustice in the world. I will not “stay positive” when people are dying in the street under the knee of corruption and inhumanity. I will not stay quiet in the face of oppression because I have experienced oppression and while I will never understand the lived experience of another’s oppression, I can and will use whatever platform I have to speak out against it, in all forms.

And so, in a world that often feels confusing and chaotic, please know that I will bring both my imperfect voice that is working through that chaos and confusion, as well as some lighter moments to bring a little constancy and joy. That’s “my lane.”

I hope that today you are able to find time to enjoy the sunshine, to see the beauty that can still be found in our world. I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. I hope you find peace today.

As always, stay well, friends. Reach out and stay connected. We need each other more than ever.

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