Nurturing Our Creativity

With the province beginning to open up, I find myself wanting to get out and do things I used to enjoy doing. However, I am also feeling hesitant, knowing that if this re-opening is not done carefully, we could face a second wave and shut down again. I don’t think anyone wants that.

So, last night I took my kids out to play mini-golf (with appropriate distancing, face masks and hand washing) and it was so great to enjoy that time with them, doing something active and different. Yes, we have played there many times but somehow this time felt special.

Tonight, however, we will remain home. It is time to nurture some creativity in the Sharpe household. When the kids have been here with me in the apartment, we enjoy movie nights, games nights and especially craft nights. So tonight, we will crank up some tunes, drink some root beer, eat some snacks and enjoy paint nite. I have found some great kid-friendly step by step tutorials online and tonight we will create…FLAMINGOS! Taya is so excited. They should look like this…

But I can’t wait to see what my kids actually create. I enjoy spending these times being creative with my kids. I think it nurtures play and fun while also helping them to see beauty in a world that, quite frankly, can feel bleak and scary.

I will update you with how our paintings turn out. How can you nurture some creativity with your family? Can you create music together? Paint? Just throw all the craft stuff on the table and see what they make (those are our favourite craft nights) or have a wild dance party? Maybe you are alone and looking for ways to nurture your creative side? How about taking some photos of your city or writing a poem, story or journal? This time won’t last forever and we will look back to see how we were resilient, active and yes, creative.

So enjoy the new activities we have access to. But please, remain careful (but not fearful), diligent (but not rigid) and kind.

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