True Power Lies in Letting Go and Surrendering

Guess what? Sometimes I struggle with needing to control everything going on in my life. Surprised? If you’re not, that doesn’t surprise me at all. I do find there is a certain amount of security that comes with knowing what is happening in my life and why.

But sometimes, I have found, holding on to things I can not control brings frustration and actually strips me of my power.

I have recently found that when I am willing to let go of control, and to trust that life will take care of the details so I don’t have to, that I am free to build my life the way I want to. I don’t have to be shackled to my need to be in control.

Where are you holding on? Where in your life do you need to let go and surrender?

Are you holding on to a job you are not thriving in, hoping it will get better? Maybe it’s time to let go and begin looking for a job that better suits you.

Are you fighting the pandemic and finding yourself feeling distressed because you can’t socialize the way you usually would? Maybe you can let go a little bit and find ways to use this time to build your personal skills and interests.

Maybe you have a relationship in your life that you need to release. Yes, it is painful but sometimes it is less painful than holding on to something that is not working. Remember there is a difference between surrendering the relationship and letting go of a person. You can still care without holding on to the expectations for what the relationship should look like.

Whatever it is that you need to release, know it is not easy. I know it is not easy. And it also may not be the right time for you to do so. But I have learned that true power comes, not from holding tightly and wanting to control everything, but from releasing and letting go.

Join me in releasing control, in letting go and in surrendering. And as we move through this week, let’s remember to stay safe, stay connected, reach out and be well.

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