I’m Not Stuck in a Hole; I’m Building a Foundation

If you read my blog, you will see times when it looks like I am just stuck in a hole – a hole of hopelessness and pain and sadness. And while it is true that I have felt all those things over the past months, I am not stuck in a hole. I have, however, been sitting in a hole, feeling all the feelings, grieving my losses and accepting that what I had is gone.

It has not been pretty. Most holes are not pretty.

But now, I am able to see that holes are not pretty but they are necessary when you are building something. You can’t build a beautiful house, for example, without first digging an ugly hole. That hole is needed in order to build a strong foundation on which to build the home.

And that is exactly what I am doing now. I have dug my hole. I have stood in it. I have cried in it. I have accepted that this is what I have to do. And now, I am beginning to build a strong and solid foundation for my life. Slowly, carefully, I will build a life that is secure and warm and beautiful and mine. I don’t yet know how it will look, but I have ideas.

If you find yourself feeling stuck in a hole, maybe due to the pandemic lock down, maybe due to a personal loss in your life, can you identify where you might actually be building a new foundation for your life? What can this time teach you or nudge you toward doing or doing differently?

If you do find that you are stuck and you can’t get out of the hole of dark thoughts, of hopelessness, of overwhelm, please consider talking to someone. There are wonderful people out there, mental health professionals, who are still working to help us get through this time. If you need help connecting with someone, call me. Maybe I can help.

As we enter week 11 of this pandemic, stay safe. Stay connected. Reach out. Be well.

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