Content in Every Situation.

39 of 45 Moments of Wonder

Some days are filled with light and joy and wonderful moments we can savour. Other days are filled with sadness and despair and darkness and all we want to do is hide away until it ends. There are people, though, who have learned that every situation, whether joy filled or sad, is an opportunity to learn and grow and they remain content. What can we learn from these people?

When I find myself feeling the darkness, the last thing I want is to be told there is something to learn. And yet, it is precisely at those times that I learn the most. When I have had a fight with my wife, that is an opportunity to learn how to communicate more clearly and calmly. When my children don’t listen, I can learn how to set my ego aside and really begin to understand how they communicate. When things aren’t going well at work, maybe this is a message that I need to change something or that it is time to evaluate how I am spending my time.

No matter what is happening, it will be temporary. Every dark and silent night turns into a bright day. Every day gives way to the dark night. But in all things, I can know there is something each has to give – the day brings joy and light, the night brings quiet reflection.

And through all of this, I can be content. I do not have to react emotionally. I can check my ego and check my emotions in order to respond from a place of calm and to reflect on how I am behaving in the situation.

I am not always good at this.

When I am in the dark and silent place, I can find contentment. When I am in the joyfully elated place, I can find contentment. When I am learning all sorts of new strategies for handling my emotions, I can find contentment. And when I am experiencing the highs that come with victories, then, too, I can find contentment.

As you continue this week, know that in everything, whether good or bad, light or dark, joy or despair, that you can find contentment.

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