I Can’t Wait…

38 of 45 Moments of Wonder

“I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

“I can’t wait until I am in highschool.”

“I can’t wait to go on our vacation.”

“I can’t wait until I am older.”

These are all phrases I have heard in my home, uttered by my children. And I get it. We are all very excited for new days, new experiences, a break from the routine. I wonder, however, if in our “can’t wait” we are missing the beauty and the wonder of the moment right now and all the moments between right now and “can’t wait.”

I know I am guilty of it too. There are times when I just can’t wait for the weekend, for some downtime away from work. But when I do that, am I missing out on moments to connect with people, to learn something about one of my colleagues or to engage a student?

When I find myself wishing it was a time that hasn’t yet happened, I am missing out on being fully present with my children, watching them struggle and succeed, learning what makes their heart soar. Sometimes when I am at the hockey rink watching the kids play, I find myself running through the list of things I need to accomplish. But this past week, as I have been striving to be more present, I was totally enthralled in the game and got to see my daughter’s first ever goal in hockey. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I had missed it. I can’t imagine how she would feel if I missed it.

So this week, let us be like the butterfly and measure the moments, savouring the one we are in and not wishing for a future moment that is not guaranteed. Let’s try to live in the now, be fully present and take every bit of joy we can from being right where we are.

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