A New Week Full of Possibility

33 of 45 Moments of Wonder

After what can only be described as a challenging weekend, I am happy to be here, at Monday morning. Monday mornings for me have always been a source of wonder – they are filled with possibility. While some dread Monday, I look forward to it.

As you look at this week ahead of you, what do you see? Do you have your week pretty mapped out for yourself? Are you waiting to see what happens? While I love the idea of allowing a week to unfold before us, I also love the thought of setting intentions for ourselves. Not necessarily for what will happen, but how we want to present ourselves in the world, how we want to feel on Friday, something we hope to accomplish.

What is possible for you this week? What feels impossible? The beauty of setting intentions for the week is that we can intend to do the impossible, and we are able to see that all things are possible.

As I look into my week, I hope to feel like a competent parent and partner. I intend to find some balance and to bring a better version of myself into my work and home life this week than I did last week. I will be less critical with myself and the things I am going through right now and I will make the appointments I need to get the support I know I need this week. I intend to be more productive but if productivity needs to take a backseat to self-care, that is okay.

What are your intentions for this week? Who do you need to call to get support in making those intentions possible?

I wish you a beautiful Monday, my friends.

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