Here’s to Us!

17 of 45 Days of Wonder

Here’s to all of us! The ones who defy normal. The ones who let our freak flags fly. The ones who usually feel weird or different or just like we can’t figure out where we fit.

Here’s to us who struggle every day but who find the courage and the strength to get up, get dressed and get out in the world.

Here’s to us when we can’t do that. When all we can do is open our eyes, roll over and pull the covers up. We have found some strength to carry on even then.

Here’s to the boys and girls and those somewhere in between, trying to live in a society that tells us what to wear and how to behave according to our assigned sex. Her’s to us who love the ones we love regardless of who or how others tell us to love. Some of us just don’t fit those norms, and yet, we find a way to make our way in the world.

Here’s to those of us who are trying to heal, who are digging into the generational wounds and trying to heal them too. And here’s to those helping us get there – our moms, our grandmas, our dads and our papas. It can’t be easy, but it is worth the dig.

Here’s to the kid trying to figure out where they belong. You may not have found your people yet, young one. But I promise, we are out there.

Here’s to the ones just trying to follow the rules and get the job done. I see you. And I see the spark in you waiting to ignite. Don’t be afraid to see it too. Don’t be afraid to light it up. Shine bright!!

Here’s to all of us – the weird and the wonderful people we are. May we all let those lights shine brighter and brighter. Because normal is just a setting on a washing machine.

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