The Soul Knows How to Heal

It takes courage to heal.

Being alive means experiencing all sorts of things. We experience great joys – the start of a new relationship, the birth or adoption of a child, the anticipation of a new career or beginning a new adventure. And we also experience massive pain – a diagnosis we weren’t expecting, the loss of a young person, the ending of a relationship, a career that ends.

I think that when we experience tremendous pain, we allow ourselves to feel terrible for a day or two. And then we pull ourselves up and get on with it. And in a way, that is good. Returning to regular routine is an important part of healing from a traumatic event. But while we are returning to our routine, are we continuing our healing? Or are we just slapping on a happy face and pushing through?

It takes courage to heal. It takes courage to give ourselves the time we need to care for ourselves, to recognize and accept that each of us takes a different path to healing. It takes courage to take a day off for self care when you feel like you need to be at work (I hope you have supportive leadership that would encourage self care). It takes courage to pick up the phone and call a therapist or your doctor. It takes courage to take the first step in your healing journey.

Please take a moment to stop…and take a breath…ready?

You matter. Your healing matters. You are capable and strong and brave. Ask your body what she needs? Sleep? Healthy food?Movement? A glass of water? Your meds?Ask your soul what she needs to find peace today. A good cry? A conversation with a good friend? Time to play with your child? A walk in the woods? Then tell your mind to stop interfering and remind her that she matters too and you want her to get on board. Now, find your courage and take the first step toward healing your body, soul and mind.


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