Celebrate Your Successes!

It takes courage to celebrate your successes.

It feels weird to be putting this post out so late today. However, I was at work early today to set up our support team, and then had to make sure I got my son ready for the hospital for surgery later in the morning.

For some, it is easy to celebrate success. They throw parties to recognize their raises or promotions, and to reinforce their wins.

I am not like this, though. But I wish I were. I am not sure why I find it difficult to celebrate a success. Is it because I fear I will look arrogant? Is it because I don’t want to “jinx it”?

Whatever our reason, we need to share when we succeed. It is important that others know that hard work pays off, that the hours of practice and failure and restructuring and trying again have led you to success.

Today, I was late getting this post out. I was at work early to support my kids and staff, and I am now waiting for my son to come out of surgery (we just heard from the surgeon that all went well). My intention was to share some of my recent successes because it has been a week (month?) of real challenge and I wanted to change my mindset a little bit. But, perhaps I can ask something of you instead.

Would you be courageous enough to share some of your recent successes with me? And I will add to the conversation after I get my young man home.

I love these words from Nelson Mandela. Let’s celebrate our milestones together.


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