Friendship and Self-Respect in Equal Parts.

12 of 45 Moments of Wonder Have no friends not equal to yourself. I have heard this quote used in the past to warn young people about the dangers of associating with those of bad character. Those who are beneath you will drag you down. That type of thing. But I wonder if Confucius meant... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit of Good…A Whole Lot of Change

9 of 45 Moments of Wonder As a younger person I loved camping. I still love the idea of camping, but my body is not quite as enthusiastic as it used to be. My favourite part of camping is the camp fire. Fortunately, I still live in an area where backyard campfires can be a... Continue Reading →

Joy is everywhere! Walking on Sunshine and Laughter.

8 of 45 Moments of Wonder Fill your cup with sunshine and thanks. Not today. Today I am sitting in a full-on pit of shame and darkness. Ever felt like that? I know I have. There are days when my life is full, overfull, of joy and laughter and sunshine. And then there are... Continue Reading →

The Wonder of a Smile

4 of 45 Moments of Wonder Have you ever noticed that when you walk in a room and you are met with a smile that you just feel better, more included and cared for, even when the person smiling at you is a stranger? Did you know there is science behind why smiling is contagious?... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of Wonder

2 of 45 Moments of Wonder Listen to this blog Wonder is something I have always considered to be child-like, innocent and, frankly, in the past, often a waste of time. Who has time to sit around wondering about the beauty of life or being curious about what it really means to be human? Well,... Continue Reading →

The Wonders Around Us

1 of 45 Moments of Wonder You can now listen to 45 Moments of Wonder too! Happy New Year! As we leave 2019 behind us, I am excited for the possibilities that lie ahead. What are you looking toward in 2020? Have you ever taken the time to contemplate the wonder all around you? I... Continue Reading →

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