A Week of Simple Joys: Self Care Sunday (a mini post)

Happy Sunday! What a great week this has been. It’s March Break here and I have intentionally stepped away from anything work-related, choosing to focus on my family and my home and growing food at home (more on that later).

What this week has done for me is reminded me to prioritize the people and things in my life that make me feel alive. Yes, my work does give me purpose, and I love the work I do. But my joy can be found really close to home. Spending time with my kids at a basketball game and an escape room allowed me to experience their fun with them. We had good talks and they didn’t fight with each other (much) which was so wonderful.

I spent some time working on some unfinished projects in the house which allowed me to feel the accomplishment and pride I feel in my home. I worked on my second book. We planted vegetable seeds to get them ready to plant in the spring. We grew mushrooms which was a really fun experiment and we should be able to harvest them tomorrow.

Taking time to simply focus on the people and the things that bring me joy has allowed me to rest and recharge this March Break. I hope if you are an educator or someone who had this past week off, that you found time for fun and rest.

Tomorrow marks the start of a new season, SPRING! Spring for me is the season of renewal and of waking up. Hopefully this season will be a time for me to renew my commitment to joy and love, to purpose and mystery. I wish the same for you.


2 thoughts on “A Week of Simple Joys: Self Care Sunday (a mini post)

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  1. What a great example of work life balance. It is a nice little post, I liked how you were able to demonstrate being productive combined with doing things fun, enjoyable and making a connection with others. It sounds like you had or having a very busy but yet relaxing march break. That’s awesome.


    1. Thanks so much! So often we believe we have to have big experiences, to travel, to do lots of things in order to have a good break. But sometimes, staying local and keeping it simple is the best break of all. I appreciate your comment.

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