Go Where You Feel Most Alive

Wouldn’t it be great if this was a post about going somewhere? Anywhere?

We may not be able to jump on a plane and head to a warm beach resort, or to a mountain retreat, or to visit landmarks and cultures and people that enrich our lives.

But we always have the chance to go where we feel most alive.

Whether we are deciding where to live or what job opportunities to pursue, we always have a choice to go where we feel most alive.

We can decide which people to invite into our lives, or which people to keep in our inner circle by going where we feel most alive.

When I wake up in the morning, I can choose how to begin my day. Will I wake up and create a morning routine which enriches my life and boosts my energy in the morning. Or will I wake up and doom scroll, watch tv and drag myself into work? I can choose to go where I feel most alive.

Going where I feel most alive is all about choosing the people, places, routines, activities and opportunities that make me feel energized and fierce. It’s about creating spaces and relationships where we know we are truly living and participating, and not simply observing.

One day, hopefully soon, we will also be able to choose to go to the places where we feel most alive. Where will you go? Or will you go anywhere at all? Will you visit new places or settle down somewhere to create a home? Will you seek to meet new people, or strengthen the bonds you have with the people you hold dear now?

Wherever you go, and whatever you do, I hope you choose what makes you feel most alive.

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