Just Be

Do you remember the early days of the pandemic? When we couldn’t go to work, all the stores were closed, we were isolating and quarantining and we had all this time we needed to fill?

Do you remember how in those early days, and later too, we learned new skills, practiced art, asked ourselves what we were passionate about and got creative finding ways to spend time with our families?

Do you remember how frustrating it was to be alone with our thoughts? And then, how much less frustrating it became? Do you remember how we learned to appreciate, really appreciate the experience of just being and not having to do anything?

I do.

And I am not sure when I lost that, but I have. Work returned. Stores reopened. We had entertainment again. I seem to have forgotten how to simply be, without performing or trying to prove my worth.

So, this is my reminder to myself and to anyone else who needs to read it. It is okay, more than okay, to simply be. Your worth comes from your being, not from your doing. Your worth comes from who you are, not from what you think others want you to be. The goal of this life is to be fully ourselves.

Sure, doing is important. If we never did anything, our world, our homes, our relationships would fall apart. But we are often quick to overlook the importance of just being.

Today is Sunday. Today is a great day to simply be. Spend some time today just being in awe of the wonderful person you are.

You. Just by being.

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