There Are Still Adventures Out There.

Right now I am craving two things.

I am craving stability and all the things that are familiar to me. I long for a place that feels like home, for the spaces and the people and the dogs I love to all be together.

At the same time I am craving adventure. I long to experience new things, to see new places, to have experiences I’ve never had before.

But in this time of my life in the world we’re in, stability and adventure seem unattainable.

However, yesterday my kids and I decided to go on an adventure anyway. We took a drive out to John E Pearce Provincial Park and went on a nature hike. On our hike we learned that the park is home to a number of endangered and threatened animals, so we looked out for those. Emmett saw two bald eagles. He looked for snakes and turtles and different birds. Taya carried the map I printed for her and the two of them read all about the park and its inhabitants while we drove. Taya also had a scavenger hunt checklist with her and found ten different species of tree during our hike.

Unfortunately during our hike we also saw a dead possum and Emmett was pretty convinced he saw a murder hornet.

If you are craving some adventure, you might be wishing you could travel, to fly away somewhere, to see things you have never seen before. But there is still adventure out there. It really is about perspective. We decided we were going to have an adventure yesterday. And we did. So why not look locally for the adventure you crave with the people you love. What can you do? Where can you go? What adventures can you have?

Happy Adventuring!

Stay safe. Stay home (except to go on local, physically distanced adventures). Reach out. Be well.

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