Gratitude and Appreciation

Today I have only a short message.

This week is filled with opportunities for appreciation in my world. This is Education Week and we have had opportunities to appreciate teachers and administrators and later in the week we will show appreciation to our Educational Assistants, Office Staff, Custodial Staff and Social Worker.

We have seen calls to show appreciation for doctors and nurses, paramedics and other front line workers. And there can be no question these folks deserve every act and word of appreciation we can give.

And, of course, Sunday is Mother’s Day.

But we don’t really need to have a day on a calendar to show our appreciation. We can, and should, find opportunities to let people know we appreciate them whenever possible. Even if it is a quick phone call, a text or an email, we need to let the ones we love know we appreciate them.

This week is also Mental Health Week. Showing appreciation may be just the boost our friends or family need to feel a little bit better, to know they can get through this or to give them some hope that they are not alone.

So will you reach out today and let someone know you appreciate them?

Stay healthy, my friends. Stay home. Reach out. Be well.

And know I appreciate you.

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