Slow Down

Sometimes when life becomes stressful, when the media is filled with scary stories about diseases and unpredictable economies, when we need some stability, we rush.

We rush to find comfort. We rush to make sense of the world. We rush into buying things or trying to make our world secure. We rush to judge others or to get ourselves out of a stressful situation.

And rarely are our decisions good ones when we rush into them.

So slow down.

Take a breath.

Think about what you really need right now.

Maybe it’s something as simple as a glass of water. Or a nap. Or a walk outside.

Maybe it’s more complex like taking the time to reflect on what you really want before you go out and sign a contract.

Maybe it’s recognizing that by panicking you may be putting yourself in a situation that can cause more stress.

Maybe it’s waiting to buy all the toilet paper in the store because you are feeling scared and that stockpile won’t actually protect you.

Whatever it is, know this. You can take your time. You will get where you need to be. You will find what you need to find and it will be the best thing for you.

But for now, my friend, for today, take a breath. Take a moment to consider where you want to be and not just where you don’t want to be.

Listen to your body. Listen to your heart.

And just slow down.

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