Thanks for Wondering With Me

45 of 45 Moments of Wonder

Here we are at the end of this road. I want to take this time to thank each of you for walking with me as I got curious about life, about love, about kindness and friendship. I want to thank you for looking for the wonder in your own life, to turn away from judgement and get curious about how these different topics turn up in your own life.

Moving ahead, I have decided to spend the next 45 days explicitly sharing the work I have been doing to create the life I have been dreaming about, and not simply living on autopilot. I will get curious about why I am satisfied or dissatisfied with the different aspects of my life – my work and play, my relationships, my environment and my relationship to myself – and I will share the victories and setbacks with you.

This work feels very vulnerable, and yet, I have learned through the work I have done and the blog posts I have shared since 45 Days of Courage that there is great strength in vulnerability. I have seen the power of courage and I know that when I share the inner work I am doing, that others find the courage to do their own inner work.

I am not sure exactly what this next journey will look like, but I do hope you will join me. I invite you to wonder with me and to get curious about your own personal journey.

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