Kindness Connects Us

41 of 45 Moments of Wonder

This week I have heard so many stories of people’s kindness. With Random Acts of Kindness Day this past Monday, there has been a renewed interest in people being kind or showing kindness to one another. I want to jump on the kindness train today but not to talk about the importance of being kind. I want to talk about how kindness connects us all.

People value meaningful connections. We are wired for connection and we absolutely need to know there is someone out there who cares that we are here. Every person needs someone to care that they exist.

I think we want more than just for someone to know we are here. We want others to feel that we care about them. It is very human to care about others. This is why we can’t just have one day devoted to kindness. Kindness is something we need to show every day because it is so very human. Kindness allows me to shed my cynicism and embrace a world in need, knowing that I may not be able to change the whole world but I can do a small part.

And kindness connects us. To show kindness is to reach out. To receive kindness is to accept and to connect. The act of showing kindness is to offer humanity, to say, “I see you” and to open the door to connection. To accept and receive kindness is to be vulnerable and to walk through that door. It is a very human act.

So today, with the Random Acts of Kindness Day being over, what act of kindness can you show?

There is a large group of people needing some kindness today. And you can show support in so many ways. Our teachers in Ontario are taking part in a one-day province wide strike today. These are some of the kindest and most dedicated humans I know. A car honk, a kind word if you walk by, encouragement all go a long way on the picket line.

Perhaps you can do something simple on your way to work this morning. As you drive through for your morning coffee, why not pay for the coffee of the person behind you. Or maybe your act of kindness is something even simpler like holding the door for someone or stopping the elevator when you see someone rushing for it.

Whatever you choose to do today, keep in mind that you are making connections and embracing humanity.

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