29 of 45 Days of Wonder

Sometimes we feel like we are winning at life. And sometimes, like yesterday, we feel like we have just fallen on our faces. And that’s okay, as long as we get back up. So while yesterday may have been a trip in my race to healing and wholeness, today is my day to get back in the game.

When you feel like you are falling behind or not quite where you want to be, what do you do? Sometimes we can feel like we want to give up. Especially if we are perfectionists (any other recovering perfectionists out there?). We may decide that if we can’t be exactly where we want to be right now, it isn’t worth continuing to try.

But the good news for those of us who are willing to continue trying, is that the lessons we learn along the way, especially when we fall, are the ones we need in order to be most successful in whatever we are pursuing.

So today, I encourage you to be like the snail. Look for your goal and mark your success not on how quickly you get to it. Instead, ask yourself each day if you are doing things to get you closer to that goal. The snail may have been last to arrive at the ark, but ultimately it didn’t matter. He got there.

What is your goal for today? Will your actions move you a little closer to meeting your ultimate goal? Remember the snail today and every day, especially when the road gets difficult. The only thing we need to do is persevere, take it slow, do the next right thing.

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