Do the Things!

13 of 45 Moments of Wonder

Believe in yourself and all the things you can do. But what about the things you think you can’t do? What do you do about those?

Do them.

Did you follow my original 45 Things blog? If so, you will remember that my goal was to do 45 things that I had never done before, including some that scared the crap out of me. I completed many of the things on the list, but as I look back I realize that many of the ones I didn’t complete were things I really don’t believe I can do. The list of unfinished things includes skydiving, glass blowing and applying for my doctorate. When I look at the list, I realize these all somehow reflect my perceived inability. I am too afraid of heights, I am not strong enough or creative enough and how can I possible complete a doctorate while working and being a parent.

The truth is, though, that these limiting thoughts I am having, and that we all have from time to time, are thoughts that keep us from living. The key, I think, is to find a way to change the thoughts and steer them away from our limits toward finding ways to work with those limits so we can do whatever it is we want to do…even when we don’t believe we can.

As a way of asking for some help, here are the things I never completed. I believe that even though my initial timeline ran out (1 year), I am still very capable of finishing my list. Perhaps someone can help me change my mindset or point me in a direction to be able to finish it. If something on my list resonates with you as something you have been wanting to do but haven’t had the courage or the opportunity to do yet, let me know. Maybe if we do it together we can overcome those fears or limiting beliefs.

OK…here is what I still need to finish on my list.

  1. Apply to a doctorate program
  2. Be an extra in a movie
  3. Blow glass
  4. Go on a yoga or meditation retreat
  5. Meet Brene Brown
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon
  7. See a show on Broadway
  8. Sky dive
  9. Volunteer for a Habitat build
  10. Take a dance class

When I look at this list, I know that the reason many these items are still on here have much to do with fear and little to do with lack of opportunity. And as someone who has spent a significant amount of time thinking about courage, this is no longer a good excuse. So I am going to finish my list. I am not going to give myself a time frame this time, but I am going to finish it.

What have you wanted to do that you haven’t done, either out of fear or because of your belief that you can’t do it? Follow Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice…you must do the things you think you can not do. Imagine how your world would change if you were able to change your mindset, find your courage and do the things anyway?

Part of my VISION for my life (my #OneWord2020) is to finish what I start, to stay committed to what is important to me. Part of my vision is to have courage. Completing this list aligns with the vision I have for my life and not completing it does not. I am going to start working on finishing these things. I’ll keep you informed.

Meanwhile, please share one or two things you have wanted to do but felt you couldn’t. Perhaps there is some courage to be found in sharing. Perhaps, too, some support and at least one cheerleader and champion for you!

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