I wrote a book! (Sorry…I am just really proud of this)

It takes courage for me to write about my accomplishments, but I am going to do it today. Yesterday I made my first Facebook Live video – super hard. Though I must admit I really like the idea of just talking about the things that matter. Sharing this accomplishment is excruciatingly harder.

I want to share with you (as if you don’t already know – I have posted it all over social media) that I wrote a book. And you are a part of that book. If you read my blog series 45 Days of Courage you are part of the inspiration for the book.

This book and the blog that preceded it came about because not all that long ago I found myself in a pit of fear and darkness. I saw no way out of this pit and when I sought help, I was dismissed and mocked. Writing became a way for me to slowly find courage, to climb out of that pit and to take my life in a different direction. My deepest desire is that the words on the pages of the book will touch the soul of whoever needs to read them. This book is for anyone who has ever felt that they aren’t enough. It is for anyone who has found themselves in a deep well of darkness and shame. It is for anyone who has felt they were not seen. It is for you, the one looking for courage. I want you to know you are not alone.

You may be wondering if it is exactly the same as the blog. No. The themes are all the same and I used the painted titles I did for the blog. Many of the posts are similar but I did make some changes. I wrote more about our collective experience in addition to my personal one.

Also, in the book, I have made space for you to write your own stories of courage. So, for example, on Day 19, It Takes Courage to Fall Down and Get Back Up, I have given you two pages and a prompt for you to write your own story of a time you fell and got back up. This book is about us, together, taking small steps of courage. It is my sincere hope that by the end of your journey through 45 Days of Courage, you will be able to identify and see the courage that has always been inside of you, and you will choose to walk even more courageously through life.

If you would like a copy of 45 Days of Courage there are three ways to get it.

  1. Jump on over to Amazon.ca and order the paperback.
  2. Jump on over to Amazon.ca and order the Kindle e-book. (It’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited.) You will need a journal or notebook if you wish to interact the same way you can with the paperback.
  3. If you are local or we will see each other soon, let me know you would like a copy and I will arrange to get you one. It may take longer than Amazon but I will sign it and we can have coffee together.

Thank you for supporting me through this amazing adventure. Please don’t forget to write a review of the book if you have read it. It will help me get my message of courage to more people.

Thank you and I love you all!

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