Reflecting on #OneWord2019 – Fierce

Last year around this time, I shared my intention to live fiercely by declaring “Fierce” my word of 2019.

For my #oneword2019 challenge, I am choosing the word fierce. This very intentional word reminds me to show up, to live fiercely, to love fiercely, to give my all to the people I cherish, and most of all, to show myself the same fierce love, kindness, compassion and wholehearted ness I show others.

I am not sure I totally lived up to that word, but I do know it has been quite a fierce year. Between health challenges and family changes, good and bad and ugly all rolled into one year. But through it all, Even when the world was kicking my ass, I believe I remained at least somewhat fierce.

2020 is going to be a great year, not because 2019 sucked and therefore I feel the universe owes me something. The universe owes me nothing. No, 2020 is going to be a great year because I am going to take the action needed to make it my year.

On Monday I will declare my #oneword2020. Do you have thoughts on what it should be? If you were to choose one word to take you through the first year of the new decade, what would it be?

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