The Joy of Simply Being

First, I need to say that I never thought I would miss something like writing a blog every day. But I really do. It has been challenging for me not to put something out into the world every day and to connect with you. I have been working on getting the next 45 Things series ready – 45 Moments of Wonder which I am very excited to share with you.

Also, I have been working on getting 45 Days of Courage formatted for publishing as a book and an e-book. After considering the options and talking to some people I know who have published books, I have decided not to go with a traditional publisher right now. This book is really meaningful to me and while I hope to share it with others beyond my blog-reading friends and family, I do want to retain control of what goes into the world.

So, I will be publishing through Amazon in early 2020. I am looking forward to seeing my words in print and available to you in paper and e-book formats, and will be available to borrow from their e-library for kindle. What it does mean, though, is that for 90 days I will need to remove the posts from the blog. So if you need to read them now, please do so. Or better yet, wait until the book comes out.

I wonder if I can check this off my 45 Things list (write a book proposal) even thought its a book and not a proposal?

Yesterday, my daughter turned 10. The moment she woke up, her feet hit the floor and she bounced all the way down the stairs. All day long she was in a state of bliss and joy (until her brother said something she didn’t like and then there were tears, but they didn’t last long). What struck me was that something simple – turning 10 – gave her so much joy that it lasted all day long. It wasn’t the gifts or the cake. It was simply because it was her birthday.

It got me thinking. Am I ever that joyful just because of the day? Can I find joy in every day, just because it is a day I am alive? My birthdays still bring me joy, but every day is a day to celebrate simply being. So today I will do my best to be joyful no matter what comes my way. In the midst of the holiday scramble, I will look for the small moments of wonder and joy and turn them into something bigger.

Let’s all try to live like it’s our tenth birthday today.

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