Honour Your Commitments to Yourself

It takes courage to honour a commitment to yourself.

It takes courage to honour a commitment to yourself.

45 days ago I began this blogging journey. I had committed to myself to write for 45 days about courage, about how I am becoming more brave and to, hopefully, help others to see the courage within themselves.

I do have a tendency to get very excited about starting something and then when I lose motivation, I abandon it. If you visit my home, you will see the evidence in my unfinished DIY projects. If you have been following me for a while, you will see and know that I did not complete my original 45 Things project, having left many of the items unfinished.

When we commit to something, we often do so with great enthusiasm. And along the way, when the gratification of completing something is delayed, we can lose focus. When the marriage goes through a valley, when the job becomes challenging, when the project gets boring, it is easy to drop it and break our commitment. But I am learning how to delay gratification. I am learning to weather the storms and to finish what I start – one small step at a time.

I have discovered a new love for writing. And I am going to start a new blog series soon. My wonderful friend Stephanie has challenged me to take some time, sit down and read all the posts together and meditate on what the next story is that I need to tell. I love that advice. #wisdom

So, I will be taking the rest of 2019 to rest, to regroup, to determine how to proceed with this project and what the next one will be.

Thank you for supporting my journey of courage. Thank you for reminding me to be brave in my life. I hope you will join me in 2020.


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