Stand Firm

It takes courage to stand your ground.

Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. I am not saying that we should never be willing to change our minds. I am not saying we should not admit when we are wrong.

What I am saying, emphatically, today, is that when you believe in something, stand your ground. It takes courage to stand your ground, especially when others want you to move or stop standing for what you know to be right.

Whether we are standing up for other people, for an issue we believe in, or for our own beliefs or actions, it is so important not to allow other people to keep us off the path we know is right for us.

In my job, I am often in a position to hold to a decision I have made, or to take an unpopular stand. I am always open to change my mind, but I also always make my decisions based on what I believe is best for students and for staff.

Even with this blog, I have had to take a stand sometimes. I have received the feedback that I shouldn’t post such personal stuff, that my posts about my relationship or my struggles or my mental health are things that should be kept private. I disagree. I believe that sharing the things that we all feel sometimes, and the things that many of us have experienced, gives us a connection to one another. I believe that talking about mental illness reduces the stigma and gives others permission to seek help if they need it. I believe sharing our struggles allows others to say “me too” and feel less alone.

My tendency is to step away when someone wants my space, or to stop fighting for something if it makes someone uncomfortable. I am not talking about hurting someone…you shouldn’t be actually hurting someone by standing your ground. But I need some courage to stand up for myself and for others when doing so makes someone uncomfortable or irritated.

Why are we making ourselves uncomfortable or irritated AND no longer standing for what we believe to be right and true and good?

So today, if you need to, instead of backing down to make another comfortable, find the courage to stand your ground and to do what you believe is right, even if it means you stand alone. I promise you, that even though it may feel you are standing alone, there is probably someone else who wants to stand with you.


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