Go Ahead and Trust

It takes courage to trust.

I want to start today by saying that I am completely overwhelmed and humbled by the support you have shown me over the past 24 hours. I have received lots of encouraging comments and texts and thumbs up and heat emojis and exactly zero negative or hurtful comments. It has made me feel like I am wrapped in love and comfort and encouragement. Thank you.

It takes courage to trust. I am awake early again this morning, and I am watching CNN. There are so many reasons not to trust. Between politicians who lack integrity, natural disasters which destroy lives and homes and people hating and killing one another for their race or gender or religion…it is hard to trust.

But, as much as it may seem like there is much and many to fear, if we take a moment to step back, we will see there are many people doing good in the world, many people who live with courage and integrity and we can choose to trust.

That is what I am going to do.

Today I choose to trust that people are basically good, even when they make mistakes. This week I chose to trust my son’s safety to the doctor who performed his eye surgery, and soon will truth the surgeon who will take out my tumour. I trust that good people are working to improve the lives of those who find themselves homeless and in crisis. I choose to trust the ones I love who want me well. I choose to trust my wife as we continue to strengthen our marriage.

It isn’t always easy for me. I have always struggled to trust. But I am surrounded with people worthy of trust and people who put their trust in me every single day.

So I will find the courage to trust them, and to trust that when the scary and sad news hits the screen of my TV, there are good people who will continue to work to make the world safe, that will step up to lead with courage and care and will rally the resources and people to rebuild the lives of those who face tragedy.

I love a quote by Ernest Hemingway. “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” I think this is better than how I often have lived – to not trust unless they prove themselves.

Can you find the courage to join me? To trust first and assume good intentions first?


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