Minds are Made to Change

It takes courage to change your mind.

Have you ever made decision about something? Have you ever made a judgement about someone? Have you ever done anything? If so, you may also have changed your mind.

Often we make decisions which later we decide were not the best decisions.

Sometimes we judge a person based on limited information or limited interactions with them, and once we learn the whole story, we realize they are not who we thought they were.

Sometimes we do something, and when it doesn’t turn out as we hoped, we adjust our thinking and try something else.

All of these are acts of courage.

When we have courage, we are able to see that a different choice or path or understanding is possible. Too often, however, we dig in our heels and worry that hanging our minds is a sign of weakness. It is not. It is a sign that we are brave enough to learn and to change.

My wife has a tattoo that translates to “Life is Change” and I believe that. We can learn, change our minds and do better. And even more courageous? We can share with others how we have changed our minds about a decision, and action, a choice or our understanding about a person. When we know better, we can do better.

So today, let’s have the courage to be willing to change our minds. Let’s stop sticking to our old ideas that aren’t working. Let’s be willing to change our minds about people when we learn more or have a better understanding of their experience.

When we do, we not only show courage, we move our lives and the world forward.


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