Facing Difficult Days

It takes courage to get up and face a difficult day.

It also takes courage to recognize when we need to take a step back and care for ourselves in the face of a difficult day.

Yesterday I spoke about laughing in the face of fear. And today I just want to remind you (and myself) that it is not a sign of weakness or failure when we can’t. When the best we can do is to get up and face the day, that is enough.

It’s funny that yesterday I wrote about laughing in the face of fear, and then had a very frightening thing happen…not something to laugh at, but something I need to just get up and face. Throughout the day yesterday, I felt my heart racing and then suddenly dropping. It repeated throughout the day and it was very frightening. As I usually do, I downplayed it and said it wasn’t a big deal. But it is definitely something I need to be aware of, and something I probably need to do something about.

So I don’t have much to write today as I am going to intentionally decide to step back today and take care of myself and my health and well-being. And instead of pressuring myself to get this post out, I will be spending some time considering how I can reduce some stress and remove the negative voices in my head that tell me I am not doing enough.

So to anyone struggling today who is facing a tough day, know this…it takes courage to get up and face a difficult day. Why is that brave? Because when we don’t know the outcome of the day, but we get up and go forward anyway, we are brave.


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