Never Wish Them Pain.

It takes courage to wish the best for someone who hurt you.

Having been on both sides – hurting another and feeling the sting of being hurt by another – I have learned that some of the greatest acts of courage are seen in the choices and actions of the one who has been hurt.

Many years ago I did something that shattered the trust my now wife had in me. It took a long time to rebuild that trust, but even in the pain I had caused, I saw courage as she wished only the best for me.

Over this past year, I have experienced betrayal and have been on the receiving end of some biting words and judgments, which I am trying to resolve, but the person who has hurt me is also refusing to talk to me. And I am finding it very difficult to wish only the best for them. What I want is for them to feel exactly how hurt I feel. What I want is for them to understand the depth of the pain they are causing me. Yet, this is not courage.

Courage is being able to see that someone who causes pain must be in pain. Courage is recognizing their humanity. It is being able to see beyond what may be directly in front of us, and into the soul of another. Courage is wishing only good, only light, only joy and only peace for the person, regardless of whether they ever “get it” or whether they ever make an attempt to repair the relationship.

Is there a relationship in your life that needs a little courage? When have you seen the kind of courage that wishes the best for someone who has hurt you? What could you do today to wish someone the best, even if you don’t fully feel it right now?

Have courage my friends. Wishing you well.


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