Water to Wine…Wine to Kombucha

In my list of 45 things, I posted an intention to learn how to make wine.  And not surprisingly, I had a number of people offer to help me with that task.  I have debated about how open to be about this, and ultimately, while I feel a lot of fear about it, I am going to choose to be brave and share something very personal today.

I have decided not to make wine.  It isn’t that I don’t love wine.  It isn’t that I am no longer interested in how to make it.  The truth is that in recent months, I have found that I am not someone who should drink too much wine.  While I love it, perhaps too much on occasion, I also have discovered that sometimes I use my love of wine to numb the emotions I dHow to make homemade kombuchaon’t really want to feel.  That is not to say that I think I have a drinking problem…at least not one in which I drink too much.  But sometimes, the reason we indulge is just as important to know as how much or how often we do.  And at this time, having all that beautiful, delicious, feeling numbing wine in my home will simply not serve me well.  This year of 45 things is all about finding all the joy and fun and learning and all the things that make life worth living.

So, number 24 on my list has changed.  Now, instead of making wine, I will learn to make kombucha.  I love kombucha.  I am intrigued by it. Anyone know how to make it?

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