All In This Together: Parenting Teens is Hard

Usually I write posts about how mindfulness and self care can help us to navigate the challenges of life and to grow as individuals. I do believe that. Wholeheartedly. But today, I am just struggling finding that calm within myself. I am struggling to find self-compassion and to lead from a place of joy. Why?... Continue Reading →

Ditch the Self-Criticism: Self-Compassion as Self-Care

Are you a compassionate person? I believe I am. But I do struggle with finding compassion toward one person...myself. Is this you too? Many very compassionate people are very understanding and kind toward others. They recognize that a person is more than their last bad decision or their worst day. But when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Got Stress? Try Mindfulness.

In today's fast-paced world, stress has become a pervasive part of our daily lives. Parents, teachers, helping professionals and leaders at all levels, all face high-pressure situations that can lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout. We all experience stress, and stress in the right situation or in small chunks can be beneficial. Stress can push... Continue Reading →

Savour the Present Moment

The present moment is the only reality we have. It is the space and time we inhabit. The past is fiction, and the future is a dream. I have been spending some time lately wondering if I spend too much time ruminating on the past, both the "good old days" and the times I felt... Continue Reading →

Promises Made: The Self-Care Practice of Keeping Promises to Ourselves

Promises are powerful tools that we use to make commitments to ourselves and others. When we make a promise, we are essentially telling ourselves or someone else that we will follow through on a particular task or commitment. Promises are a fundamental part of our everyday lives. We make promises to others, and we expect... Continue Reading →

Self Care Sunday: 7 Pillars of Self Care

Recently I wrote about Self-Care as a selfless act. I truly believe that we must care for ourselves if we want to care for others. Especially if we are in a position to care for others, whether as parents, partners, friends, care-giving family or if we work in a caring profession, each of us is... Continue Reading →

The Adventure is in the Journey

Have you ever felt like you are just wandering through your life, trying this path and that path to get to some unimaginable destination? You know the one...the point in your life where you will feel totally fulfilled and successful, where you will have everything you ever wanted and never have to worry again? I... Continue Reading →

Journaling as a Mindful Practice

One of my favourite ways to process my thoughts is through journaling. I love it because for me, writing my thoughts feels much easier than saying them, and when I journal and look back at what I have read, the tangled threads that were in my mind seem to unravel and begin to make sense.... Continue Reading →

Ask For What You Want.

I've been thinking a lot about how I use my voice, when I use it and whether I use it enough to speak up for myself and others. How can I ensure my voice is heard when it is often much softer than the ones I hear around me. Yesterday, I needed help in order... Continue Reading →

Connecting Logic and Intuition

At my most recent therapy appointment, my therapist and I were talking about the benefits of mindfulness and why she begins each session with a mindfulness practice. For her, the practice allows us to take a few minutes to connect with ourselves and to see what comes up as something that we might want to... Continue Reading →

Returning to Mindfulness

Recently, I have found myself feeling increased stress at work, at home and just generally. I think the cold weather and snow, along with the missing sun is taking its toll on my emotions and my body. How about you? Are you feeling more irritable, more worry, less energetic? There is a lot going on... Continue Reading →

Self-Care is not Selfish

Do you put the needs of others before your own? So many of us do. And it isn't surprising. We have people relying on us all the time. Families need us. Friends need us. Work needs us. And when it comes to us needing us, as women, many of us have been taught that our... Continue Reading →

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