Baking Bread: A Recipe for Life

Yesterday I baked bread with my kids. Yes, I have jumped on the bread-baking bandwagon...late of course. I never did seem to get into things when everyone else did. As we mixed and kneaded and stretched and punched, I couldn't help but think about how making this bread is a lot like how I want... Continue Reading →

True Power Lies in Letting Go and Surrendering

Guess what? Sometimes I struggle with needing to control everything going on in my life. Surprised? If you're not, that doesn't surprise me at all. I do find there is a certain amount of security that comes with knowing what is happening in my life and why. But sometimes, I have found, holding on to... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Stuck in a Hole; I’m Building a Foundation

If you read my blog, you will see times when it looks like I am just stuck in a hole - a hole of hopelessness and pain and sadness. And while it is true that I have felt all those things over the past months, I am not stuck in a hole. I have, however,... Continue Reading →

Oh the Possibilities!

With so many changes happening, both personally and globally, I have had my emotions pushed and pulled and twisted around until I find myself unsure about how I feel. Am I the only one? My instinct tells me I am not. All of us have been experiencing change like we have never experienced before. I... Continue Reading →

There Are Still Adventures Out There.

Right now I am craving two things. I am craving stability and all the things that are familiar to me. I long for a place that feels like home, for the spaces and the people and the dogs I love to all be together. At the same time I am craving adventure. I long to... Continue Reading →

You Get One Wild and Precious Life…Don’t Waste it!

So many of us are waiting. We're waiting for the next big movie to come out. We're waiting for our next vacation. We're waiting to get back to work. We're waiting for our spouse to make a decision. We're waiting for the pandemic to end. We're just waiting. So many of us are waiting. Me... Continue Reading →

Gratitude and Appreciation

Today I have only a short message. This week is filled with opportunities for appreciation in my world. This is Education Week and we have had opportunities to appreciate teachers and administrators and later in the week we will show appreciation to our Educational Assistants, Office Staff, Custodial Staff and Social Worker. We have seen... Continue Reading →

Tending to our Passions

Are you bored yet? Sometimes I feel like a little kid telling my mom I am bored and asking what I can do. Except I am not a little kid, and the only person I am telling this to is me. So, I guess I also need to find some answers to share with myself.... Continue Reading →

Coping With Stress

Let's face it, we all have stress in our lives. Right now, we are living in one big stressor of a world and we can't get out of it. And while some are thriving in this world of self-isolation - I talked to someone yesterday who said he has never felt happier or been more... Continue Reading →

Find Rest

Good morning! How did you sleep? My son is always very concerned with how everyone's sleep was. This morning I will tell him it was fine. But the truth is, I did not have a restful night at all. I went to bed later than usual after having to do laundry - which I love... Continue Reading →

Over-stimulation Detox

I've noticed something over the past week or two. I am becoming calmer and more able to be still. Pre-COVID Christine could not stand sitting still for more than about a half hour. I would have to find something to do, whether it was something work-related or something around my house. Now, when I have... Continue Reading →

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