The Wisdom of Wonder

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Wonder is something I have always considered to be child-like, innocent and, frankly, in the past, often a waste of time.

Who has time to sit around wondering about the beauty of life or being curious about what it really means to be human?

Well, I do. And you do. And, in fact, we all need to take some time each day to wonder and to be in awe. When we do, we begin to recognize the difference between those things that are precious and those things that are just taking up space in our heads.

And that is wisdom.

Take a moment today to ponder what is immediately around you right now. Who are the people in your immediate space? What activity are you involved in? How did you or will you spend your money today? Now consider, which people, which things, what spaces and what activity – work and play – are most precious to you?

Now look inward. Consider with wonder that you are who you are. How did you get to be you? What really matters to you? Let’s really take the time we need to do this. You, my friend, are truly a wonder. So take the time to discover what makes you the wonder you are.

When you do, you will discover your loves, your passions. You will be better able to understand what brings you joy and what you will and will not tolerate.

For me, looking inward and gathering the precious things has led me to rediscover a love for writing. It has shown me where I have hurt people and nudged me to make those relationships right. Gathering the precious things has helped me set boundaries, to live with authenticity and to forgive those who have hurt me, or at least to work on it.

Let’s try to do this every day. I wonder if pondering that which is most precious will give me a better sense of how to prioritize in my life. That, my friends, is wisdom.

The true wisdom in gathering the precious things is understanding that you, dear one, are the most precious thing of all.

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