Self-Care is Courageous

It takes courage to take care of yourself. What? No it doesn't. Yes it does. How often do we neglect our needs so we can care for those we love, those we serve and those we want to help. But at what cost? We are told that we can't pour from an empty cup and... Continue Reading →

Do You Believe You Are Enough?

It takes courage to believe you are enough. That's right. Just as you are, right now. Without changing anything. You are enough. Without being thinner or richer or more successful. You are enough when you get frustrated with your kids or when you feed them pizza for the second time in a week. You are... Continue Reading →

Just Let Go

It takes courage to let go. Yesterday I reflected on the courage it takes to regroup and start over. Today I am considering how it takes courage to let go. I like to feel a sense of control. All the time. This has served me well in many situations throughout my life. Holding tightly and... Continue Reading →

It Takes Courage to Start Over

It takes courage to start over. But doesn’t that sound a lot like giving up? It can feel that way. When I am invested in something, whether it is at work or in my relationship, and things are not going the way I planned, I want to fix it, to push, to fight to make... Continue Reading →

Never Wish Them Pain.

It takes courage to wish the best for someone who hurt you. Having been on both sides - hurting another and feeling the sting of being hurt by another - I have learned that some of the greatest acts of courage are seen in the choices and actions of the one who has been hurt.... Continue Reading →

Dream it, Do it!

It takes courage to follow a dream. Especially if that dream may seem impractical or impossible. But dreams are the soul’s way of showing us something new, something that is possible and something our world needs. It is you. Taking up all the space you need in this great big world. To do or be... Continue Reading →

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