Asking For Help Takes Courage

It takes courage to ask for help. If you know me, you know that I struggle to ask for help. I know the importance of not trying to do everything alone, but it is hard for me to put this into practice. I remember years ago we were putting up drywall on our basement ceiling.... Continue Reading →

Never Stop Learning

It takes courage to learn a new thing. I work in a profession which is all about learning. At least in theory. I think much of our education has been more about grades and credits than it has been about true learning. I love learning, though, and I am currently looking for new ways to... Continue Reading →

Just Be…

It takes courage to just be a person. Ok. Now this may sound like I am just running out of things to talk about, but stick with me for a minute. It takes courage to just be a person. To recognize that you are not the labels you give, teacher, friend, bus driver, banker,... Continue Reading →

Release Control to Gain Freedom (and Courage)

How is it possible that today marks the one-third mark for this series? I am so grateful to each one of you who has read, commented, shared privately with me that you are getting something from my posts. I truly appreciate the feedback. ❤️ It takes courage to release control. Yesterday I mentioned a difficult... Continue Reading →

Mistakes Are Always Forgivable

It takes courage to say “I’m sorry.” I am not talking about the very Canadian “I’m sorry” we all know and love. You know, the one I give to someone when they accidentally step in my foot? And I am also not talking about the flippant “sorry” you make because your mom tells you to... Continue Reading →

Stay Connected to Your People

It takes courage to stay connected. This morning as I prepared to write today’s post, I realized I did not do a painted background for the theme. I do not apologize for this. I was out last night connecting with my very dear friend Stephanie. That time is sacred and went a little later than... Continue Reading →

Are You Okay?

It takes courage to admit you are not okay. Let me start by saying that today, I am okay. But I wasn’t always. And I know there are days to come when I won’t be. And that is okay. A year ago today, I was really not okay. I was overwhelmed with things happening in... Continue Reading →

Are You in the Arena?

It takes courage to step into the arena. Today in Canada and in many places around the world, we will stop to remember the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who have taken up the call to battle for freedom. Some of us will attend school gatherings. Some will attend ceremonies at a... Continue Reading →

Rest and Recharge

It Takes Courage to Rest... In our society which rewards doing more, which applauds busyness and which encourages us to “find something to do,” we have forgotten how to rest. So today’s post will be short. Because I need to rest. And so do you. Because it is brave. It takes courage to stop all... Continue Reading →

Tell Your Story

It takes courage to tell your story. If you are alive, you have a story. If you are an adult, you have survived you definitely have a story. If you have ever loved another, you have a story. We all have a story but many of us are afraid to tell ours. We worry... Continue Reading →

The Only Constant is Change

It takes courage to accept change. I don't particularly like change. I prefer comfort and predictability. But I also know that change is one thing that is constant in life. When we were in Taiwan, we learned from the amazing Buddhist monks with whom we stayed, that Life is Change. There is not one minute... Continue Reading →

Be Imperfect and Know You Belong!

It takes courage to believe you are worthy of love and belonging. My son has been experiencing what many teenagers experience...exclusion. He is 13, preparing to go to high school next year and he inspires me every day with his strength and resilience. So today I want to do something a little bit different and... Continue Reading →

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