Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones

Two or three years ago I started a blog to talk about educational topics. While I did not keep that blog going, I wrote this piece about turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones for some of our most vulnerable students. I have edited this piece, and refocused it a little. Forty-Five Things has really been... Continue Reading →

Saying YES!

For much of my life, I feared saying yes. To say yes might mean I have to follow through on doing something I don't want to do. To say yes might mean having to face my fear. To say yes might mean I experience feelings I am not comfortable with. There have been times when... Continue Reading →

Learning to Ride the Waves (#37: Take a Spontaneous Trip)

I am not known for being comfortable with spontaneity. Quite the opposite. I have a need to know that everything is taken care of. I am very responsible. If I am going to do something spontaneous, I need to first put a plan in place...which really is not very spontaneous, is it? Last week my... Continue Reading →

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